--I have been doing graphics, Logo design and Illustration for more than 30 years under the name of Master's Design. I  love to design for print, signage and book production.

--My philosophy of Logo design is that YOU have the vision for the business, so the vision for the Logo resides somewhere inside YOU . I have the privilege of drawing that vision out. It's a lot of hard work, but well worth it. I rarely miss finding that perfect Logo design.

--I do illustration in many media: computer photographic work; pencil; watercolor and color pencil; paper pieces; acrylic and more.

--My prices are reasonable and in many cases I allow clients to pay in installments. Call or email me to talk about your vision and see it come to life.


Master's Design


Logo design

I have designed over 450 Logos; I work fast and my prices are very reasonable; from $300 to $600 average per Logo. I begin with a battery of questions to try to get a feel for the vision you have inside you. People have about 5 seconds to understand what you do, and  to get a feeling that you want to communicate. Then I present different directions; you pick and choose, mix and match; add and delete. I refine the design which you receive in jpeg, tiff, png, etc..


Graphic Design

Graphics usually stem from the Logo design; if there is a good strong Logo, it is fun to take off and play with the colors, shapes, and ideas in that Logo, to create a strong, consistent collection of cards, letterhead, envelope, brochures, even hand-carved signage. Graphics usually include computer illustration. I also assist clients with printing and publication.



I have done illustration in many media depending on the feel that the client wants for a project. I have done many book illustrations, and am fairly well-known for my pencil illustrations, having illustrated the TLV Bible with more than 100 pieces.  I present a visual idea first until the client is happy with the direction, and then create with pencil; watercolor and color pencil; ink, acrylic,  paper or even crayon.  Call or email me to discuss your vision.