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I have been working in pencil for more than 30 years; what I became known for early on.  I began working in watercolor and color pencil at about the same time and have continued to work in that medium  especially for illustrations.

In the last 5 years I have been working in "Crayon Batik"  as well; a deceptively simple sounding  process that looks and feels ancient and rugged. I have always liked working with pastels; keeping them sharp so I can make strokes to keep the piece moving and alive.

I also create "paper pulp paintings" where the piece with all of its shapes and colors is actually one sheet of handmade paper. The color is not put ON the paper it is IN the paper.

My latest pieces have been a series of pencil and color pencil drawings layered with imagery called "The Aleph Series"; in which I show God's hidden presence within every part of life and experience.

Michael Washer, crayon batik, other media, figurative, works on paper
Michael Washer, pastel, other media, figurative, works on paper, paper pulp painting
Michael Washer, other media, figurative, works on paper, pencil and color pencil, Aleph series.

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