All of Michael Washer's books are published under the imprint of Master's Design with the exception of Living From the Inside out which was published by Tate publishing. He has proven to be a voice in both religious and secular realms. His writing is sometimes deeply heartfelt, sometimes academic, sometimes bitingly sarcastic or sublimely simple. But it is always very clear, well-researched with a fascinating perspective.


Books by Michael washer


PICTURES - Biblical Judaism as metaphors of all Heavenly things

Though Michael Washer is an artist, the Pictures book has nothing to do with Art. It is Chapter 1 of the "big book": "When all the Pictures Are Restored" seen below.

Heaven and God--spiritual things--are not hard to understand, they are impossible! But Judaism was given as a "culture" designed by God as a set of "Pictures", "shadows" or metaphors of every heavenly  or spiritual thing. If we examine that shadow we can gain understanding of what is impossible to comprehend in any other way.

The repeating patterns in the Bible taken together, form a shadow cast by the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). This book tackles every scriptural argument that has kept many from knowing God as He truly is because those shadows have been removed from the body of Messiah.  It is not obeying  "laws" that get us closer to God, it is the stories, prophecies, shadows and metaphors in those "laws" that preach to us about God.  This book teaches us how to hear those ancient voices spoken by the "commandments" and how to find freedom; how to look at ourselves and come to know God as He truly is.

 222 pages..........16.00 


When All The Pictures Are Restored

This book is Michael Washer's life work. In it, the entire cycle of the Jewish calendar year is examined in detail. Beginning with the philosophy of "Pictures", then the Calendar, Sabbath, Day of the Lord (the Kingdom) and the New Moon.

The Spring Festivals are examined: Passover, Hag ha Matzah & First Fruits  & into the counting of the Omer with a wonderful teaching on the "5 gifts".

Then Summer with Shavuot, and the magnificence of the giving of both the Law and the Spirit on the same day; (the fast of) 17th of Tammuz; Bein ha-M'tzarim and (the fast of) ninth of Av.

Fall comes with the month of Elul & then the most important day of the year: Rosh ha Shana. Then Yom Kippur and the end of the season with Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret.

The depth of winter arrives with a very challenging chapter on Hannukah where the false messiah is revealed, the (fast of) the Tenth of Tevet, then Tu B'Shevat (the new year for trees). The year wraps up with the craziness of Purim. 

There is a bonus chapter called "His Coming" that shatters the myth of "no man knows the day or the hour..."  There are multiplied thousands of correlations in which Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and the details of God's Plan can be seen in Judaism. Nothing like this volume on the market.

1060 pages..........85.00



The typesetting and layout is easy to read as well as beautiful and features:

-Explanatory notes  in side margins

-Over 100 original Illustrations

-Photos, charts, and graphs

-Documentation from Jewish 

   sources throughout


Living From The Inside Out

A Conservative rabbi who wants to find out about Jesus? Michael Kasner is just asking for trouble! Soured by the assimilated Judaism of his family, he leaves for New York to become a conservative rabbi. Finding that it's not so easy to leave Spanish and the desert, he returns to the Southwest to find hidden "Marrano" Jews. There, he meets and marries one of them. It is her angst that drives the rabbi to "find out about Jesus", but discovering how Jesus fits into history's puzzle becomes a maddening task as he is confused by mashugas at every turn. Then, visited from the Other Side by a long-passed realtive who torments and challenges him, he undertakes a journey to solve a four-generations old spiritual crime. On top of all this, he wants to recreate original, ancient Judaism calling it "Face to Face" which leads him to discover how to live from the inside out. It all gets wildly out of hand, driving many of the rabbi's personal problems to the surface, but the spiritual pursuits that so long evaded his grasp become the unexpected tools that both solve the spiritual crime and help him and his friends find freedom.  Part theology, part love story, part theater of the absurd, it is hilarious, poignant and spiritually challenging.

449  pages..........20.00  


Messianic Haggadah

This Messianic Haggadah is a "Pictures" Haggadah. That means that the many activities, foods and rituals of the Jewish festival of Passover is shown to be a set of "pictures" or metaphors of spiritual things. 

There are 15 steps in the ancient "Seder" or Passover meal.  And this Haggadah not only includes all of them, but shows and explains how each of them is a prophecy in miniature of Yeshua (Jesus).  Every minute detail of Yeshua's atoning sacrifice as the "lamb of God" is revealed. 

Richly illustrated, with beautiful typesetting and layout, this Hagaddah is easy to follow and helps elevate the spirtuality of the Seder meal and increase its joy.

65  pages..........20.00          Bundle of 10.....150.00    Shipping for bundle....12.00


Full color throughout, this gorgeous product features:

-Explanitory notes with historical and messianic background on many sections.

-Messianic Fulfillment sections throughout

-Full Hebrew with transliteration for many of the prayers and statements

-Over 30 original Illustrations

-Instructions throughout

-All 15 steps included


The Judah-Levi Link

The eternal story of the Messiah from both tribes of Priest and King. Buried in the vast tome of Scripture is an easily overlooked event. It was however a seminal moment in history. A High Priest sat on a throne, and was crowned with one crown... and then another. This was something that Jews just did not do! This book reveals why this was such an amazing, prophetic event.

For millenia Christians have asserted: "Jesus is our high priest". Similarly it has been said that Jesus is our King, from the tribe of Judah.  However in this book, the author traces the entire historical span of Scripture from before the exodus to the Messianic kingdom to come, revealing what seems to have been universally overlooked.

Over and over Scripture records a seemingly forbidden intermarriage between the heads of the tribe of Levi and Judah. And over and over this Judah-Levi link seems to have been protected by God.

You are invited to enjoy a strange and amazing journey throughout Scripture to see the role and reality of the Messiah Yeshua revealed in a way you never have before.

138  pages..........14.00  

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Resting on the Border

This is a gritty, humorous novel populated with strange characters that can only be found in the border region of Mexico and Texas .  The only Jewish element is the main character, who knows nothing of Judaism or spirituality. It is a tale about morality, ethics and truth and the struggle to hang onto these against all odds.

A murder has taken place at the University of El Paso, Texas. It sits on a hill overlooking Ciudad Juarez which has exploded into drug-fueled, gang driven violence. One of the most violent cities in the hemisphere is nestled next to one of the safest city of its size in America. The murder of the daughter of one of El Paso’s most well-loved figures may have been committed by Treffert Resting -- he does not remember commiting the violent act in UTEP’s sculpture department; but he could have; all the clues, including a pair of white Reebok tennis shoes point to him. As his life unravels, Treffert tries to clear his name, or find himself condemned. Neither matter though,as he is stuck in the insane maze of Mexico’s drug, sex, violence, lies and theft.  But something broils behind the scenes as he is caught between countries fleeing  away from--and also toward--his own end.

  286  pages..........20.00  

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