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Jewish Papercut has been around as an art form for centuries.And there are artists who have more patience than I to do the amazing, intricate work required for this art form that fascinated me as a child. However,  I was after something different. Just as Oil-Constructions devleloped out of my desire to break the bounds of the flat nature of painting, I similarly wanted to push the three-dimensionality of working with paper. First works were flat; experimenting with color and shape. 

Papers and blades

I love paper. I love working with it. making it, and making things out of it; the textures, colors, and different looks of papers from around the world. I work fairly fast and go through a lot of blades. Some of my pieces can have up to 10,000 shapes of cut paper.


At first I was timid about breaking the bounds of the flat surface, but quickly gained confidence. I felt that papers in three dimensions lent itself to dance, music and praise so that is where I began in developing PaperCut-structions


Papercut-structions have continued to develop over the years. I still love to do pieces featuring music, dance & praise, but have expanded the compositions to other fields as well. 




 If you have an idea that you want illustrated or designed, contact me and let's talk about it. 


 I have dozens of papers from all over the world, but  if I don't have what I need for your specific piece, materials cost is built into the work. 


 Papercut-struction is a time-consuming process. Allow about a month for a final piece.  I offer convenient payment plans on most work. 

 If you'd like to commission a piece or see what other work I have, contact me by clicking the button below.  

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